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Benton County Historical Society, Philomath, Oregon
Ekphrastic poetry & photography art and history exhibition
Ekphrasis: Poets Ponder Photographs
photograph by Casey Cambell
photo by Casey Campbell

Harvest Moon

Gold coin of midnight blue sky,
how do we woo you?
To save you from the coming
frost and snow, what pocket
could hold you?

by Roger Weaver

Oregon poet Roger Weaver reads poem "Harvest Moon"
Roger Weaver

Roger Weaver's poems have appeared in The Massachusetts Review, The North American Review, Hubbub, The Greenfield Review, and elsewhere. The author of five books of poetry, his latest is The Ladderof Desire, published by the Pygmy Forest Press in 2006. Retired from Oregon State University where he taught poetry writing, he now enjoys volunteering in a local elementary school.